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5 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Just want to help. I am from so cal. I helped on prop 37


  3. I attended Dr. Hansen lecture and had to leave early because of all the “smells” which people were wearing. I would like to attend the next lecture, is it possible to ask people who may attend to not wear scents, body lotions, oils, etc.? I may be a person who has been affected by the poisons in our foods. We will become much more numerous in the future. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. I am an organic farmer with 135 acres – Our children and grand children need protection from GMO’s

  5. GMOs are detrimental to human health, animal’s health, plants’ health, soil health, water sources’ health etc.! Let’s use safe, healthy and sustainable methods to produce our food. Let’s preserve the genetics of such foods from GMO contamination too.

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