Our Mission

Our mission is to protect our local farmers, our community and our environment by passing Measure P in November 2014.  Measure P will prohibit the cultivation and production of GMOs in Humboldt County.

Why Support a GMO Free Humboldt?

The Committee for a GMO Free Humboldt – Yes on Measure P is an all-volunteer, grassroots effort.  Here’s what moves us:


We want to ensure that Humboldt County farmers and gardeners have the right to grow non-GMO crops without fear of contamination.


We want to boost our County’s economy by helping local farmers maintain access to the growing markets for GMO-free and organic food.


We want to protect our local environment from contamination by GMOs and the toxic herbicides that are often used with them.


9 thoughts on “Our Mission

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  2. GMO’s are toxic, right?

    • GMOs are dependent on chemicals in the form of herbicides or pesticides. While it is said they were intended to use less chemicals than non-gmo crops they have ended up using more and even super bugs have resulted. Super bugs call for even harsher chemicals to save the harvest. So yes, toxicity is a part of GMOs.

  3. yes-on-measure-p-for-a-gmo-free-humboldt!

  4. We need to ban GMOs forever. This is a teeny start. Nobody wants Genetically engineered food except the company that makes it. It’s disgusting and being shoved down our throats literally.

  5. keep your stinking poison out of our food.

  6. We need to help pass Measure P because it will prohibit the cultivation and production of GMOs in Humboldt County. Our farmers need us all behind this so they can grow GMO-free Organic Food which we need to protect our health. All the herbicides used is really bad for everyone so just say “YES” on P.

  7. I vote yes on Measure P!!! 🙂

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