Colin Fiske: Broad Consensus on Measure P – Vote Yes

From the Times-Standard (10/31/2014):

Reading the media coverage of Measure P, it’s become clear to me that many local reporters, editors and publishers have struggled to find the “news” in this ballot measure.

In our modern media environment, a topic — particularly a political topic — is only newsworthy if there’s some kind of conflict at the center of it.

So the enormous, widespread support for Measure P has been downplayed in the local media, and a small number of critics of the measure have had their voices amplified in an attempt to create a sense of community division and debate that doesn’t really exist.

The truth is that opponents of Measure P are small in number, and they care little enough about the issue that they have failed to even form a political committee to oppose it. In contrast, dozens of dedicated volunteers have spent countless hours in support of Measure P — first to get the measure on the ballot, and now to campaign tirelessly for its passage. Almost 600 farms, ranches, businesses, organizations and individuals care deeply enough about Measure P’s success that they have put their own names on it by publicly endorsing it.

And look around: You’ll see thousands of signs, bumper stickers, buttons, shirts and hats proudly displaying support for Measure P. Chances are, many of the folks displaying them are your friends and neighbors, and if you ask, they’ll tell you why.

And I’ll bet that when they do, you’ll end up voting Yes on P, too.

Colin Fiske, McKinleyville


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