Todd Heiler: Measure P Supports Small Businesses

From the North Coast Journal (10/22/2014):


For too long we in Humboldt County have largely depended on the timber industry to be the main engine of our economy. As a consequence of this, we live in an area of high unemployment with a weak and unstable economy. A yes vote on Measure P will insure that organic farmers and others are able to exploit a unique economic niche and diversify our local economy. We as a community must support further development and protection of organic products. By passing this measure we will have yet another economic engine to depend on.

We have to protect organic farmers from GMO products that will be carried by winds and animals to their land. Even if there is no contamination large agricultural businesses like Monsanto can sue if a GMO takes root and grows. All well-informed and rational voters are aware that large ag businesses have the financial means and the lawyers to do this. As Americans we value the free market and competition principles of our economy. Measure P will level the playing field. Often there is talk about supporting small businesses. This measure does that. If you value having a free market and giving small farmers what they need to remain competitive, you must go out and vote yes on Measure P.

Your voting yes on this measure is a way to support greater economic stability for the community you live in. I for one love living here and I am voting yes because I take pride in this community and want to insure a bright future for Humboldt County. Let’s all vote yes on Measure P and show our support for the growth and protection of organic farming as another source of economic prosperity.

Todd Heiler, Ferndale



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