George Stevens: Measure P is Our Best Chance for Sustainability

From the North Coast Journal (10/22/2014):


I am a small farmer dedicated to saving our open-pollinated (non-GMO) seed heritage here since 1991, and feeding 50 to 100 families via direct marketing practically year round. I was heartened by all the letters in support of Measure P to the Journal last week.

Contamination of crops and seeds, expensive testing, and related patent infringement lawsuits, environmental/ health consequences, biotech industry influence upon elections, government agencies and academia, and poor media coverage (of all the above) are a big concern for small farmers and food-related businesses.

Measure P is an opportunity for Humboldt County and our whole region to grow our local economies, to provide affordable high quality nutrition for our children, elders and the needy, increase our local food security and employment, and forge a solution to the impending climate crisis, which is largely driven by industrial agriculture.

We’ve had three exceptional speakers on these issues and their presentations have been aired on Access Humboldt TV and the Internet for all to see. There is a small group of ideologues trying to stir up reactionary sentiments about Measure P, but they failed to address any of the significant facts presented by Ray Seidler, Michael Hansen, Ignacio Chapela or to engage in open debate.

Farmers are understandably reluctant to speak publicly about GMOs: It’s like having to explain a black eye. Our once noble profession has been dumbed down to an all-time low by this disruptive, devious technology which is steadily invading and polluting our crops, livestock, food and natural environment. For generations farmers have been subjected to a relentless cost-price squeeze due to relentless speculation, futures trading and dysfunctional government regulation.

Measure P is our best chance for sustainability for present and future generations here on the North Coast of California. Let’s get this done and get back to making life work!

George H Stevens, Willow Creek


One thought on “George Stevens: Measure P is Our Best Chance for Sustainability

  1. I think what has impressed me is Farmer Giuntoli and his support of measure P. He is a farmer and knows a lot about the negative effects on agriculture of the huge GMO companies ! His family has farmed in Humboldt for a very long time.

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