Bill Schaser: Attempts to Derail Measure P Quite Pathetic

From the Times-Standard (10/23/2014):

Attempts to derail Measure P quite pathetic

Support for Measure P is strong, and opponents have had little success convincing the voters it’s a bad idea. So we shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve suddenly abandoned arguments over the merits of the measure in favor of nitpicking the language. It’s a classic last-ditch political ploy.

Perhaps the most cynical claim of opponents, repeated by this paper’s editors (“Humboldt County’s Measure P is more harm than good,” Times-Standard, Oct. 18, Page A4), is that Measure P would prohibit the vaccination of animals.

This is absolutely false. No reasonable person would assert that when a veterinarian vaccinates an animal, he or she is “propagating” a genetically engineered virus — just the opposite, in fact!

But to really put this whole silly argument to bed, look no further than Trinity and Mendocino counties, and Humboldt’s own city of Arcata.

Each of these places has had ordinances similar to Measure P on the books for a decade, and all of those ordinances contain the same language that opponents find so objectionable in Measure P. Yet no one living in these places has had trouble vaccinating a pet in the last 10 years. (Your readers in Arcata certainly aren’t living in fear of unvaccinated rabid dogs!) I am confident that the voters of Humboldt County will see through the attempts to cast doubt and confusion.

They can find out the truth for themselves at, but I’ll summarize: Measure P will be good for Humboldt County, and it deserves your vote.

—Bill Schaser, spokesman, Committee for a GMO Free Humboldt — Yes on Measure P


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