Attila Gyenis: Fight for the Future – Vote Yes on Measure P

From the Times-Standard (10/23/2014):

Fight for the future: Vote yes on Measure P

Just like gas stations are no longer allowed to dump their used oil down the sewer and contaminate bays and streams, the public has a right to be concerned if the land and food crops are being contaminated by GMO production.

Monsanto states that GMOs are safe. Their argument is similar to when the cigarette manufacturers and their (paid) scientists publicly stated that tobacco is safe.

You can’t talk about GMOs without talking about the toxic effect on the farmland.

Some GMOs are created to allow more herbicide/pesticide to be applied on the crop. Is there a connection between increased use of toxins in the farmlands and the decline of bee and butterfly populations? A pro-GMO lecturer at Humboldt State spoke of how they are developing new GMO crops that can be grown in land that is toxic from previous herbicide use. Then they will spray more herbicides on the new GMO crop. How do you spell irony?

For those concerned about being able to buy GMOs if the measure gets passed, have no worries. GMOs will still be available at your local grocery store in many food products, including your child’s breakfast cereal and other foods that contain corn, soybean, or high fructose corn syrup.

Vote “Yes on Measure P” if you are concerned about how GMOs are literally being forced down your throat. This is your opportunity to act in a civic manner and protect future generations.

—Attila Gyenis, Bridgeville


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