Mary Ella Anderson: Support Local Food Control, Support Measure P

Support local food control; support Measure P

I have been following the exchanges regarding Measure P.

The argument made that if one accepts the science on climate change then it follows that rejecting the science on GMOs is not only illogical but smacks of religiosity and magical thinking. This argument suggests that, like the pope, science is infallible, at least at the point where a certain number of scientists agree. I don’t buy that anymore than I buy the infallibility of the pope.

In my lifetime, there have been instances where a lot of scientists agreed and were later proved wrong. Think of DDT, thalidomide, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, all of which were alleged by the finest scientific minds to have been perfectly safe. Only they weren’t. Some things have withstood the scientific test of time, but surely we haven’t come to a point where no one is allowed to question or disagree with scientific authority.

But GMOs are less about science than about the control of food. I want farmers to be in charge of food production, the same farmers I see every week at the farmers market. I support Measure P and the farmers it is intended to protect. Join me and vote yes on Measure P.

Mary Ella Anderson, Arcata



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