George Wheeler: Say No to GMOs, Vote Yes on Measure P

Say no to GMOs, vote yes on Measure P

Times-Standard Letter to the Editor

Measure P has a lot of people asking: Is it possible that genetic engineering could have unintended consequences? One group of “experts” says, “Yes,” and those who stand to benefit from GMOs say, “No.” When there’s a profit motive to take a particular position, I tend to not trust the outcome.

And, there’s the logical argument: If we are wrong, either way, what are the consequences of the mistake? If we are wrong about banning GMO crops from our county, what are the consequences to our local farmers, to our environment, to our children? Minimal, it would seem. However, if we allow GMO crops and we’re wrong, then what? How do we put the genie back in the bottle?

Everywhere we look, it seems profit motives are driving decisions. If it makes someone money, it must be good. I deny this thinking. Sometimes, the right decision does not enhance our wallets. Sometimes the right decision is what is right in front of us.

Measure P will help a lot of our small farmers economically, but that’s not my main reason for supporting it. I support it because it will be good for the whole community in ways that go far beyond money. Healthy, local farming makes healthy, local food. Not Monsanto’s but nature’s best, proven through the ages to be good for us.

Where GMOs are concerned, the answer for Humboldt County seems obvious: Vote yes on Measure P.

George A. Wheeler, McKinleyville


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